Where I am, it is 12:00am on Telluride Tom’s Birthday! I’d like to thank you for all of your kindnesses and for welcoming me to this wonderful family!

:cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake

         HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

:cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake

I’ve still got a couple hours here!


were fixing to hit the door for the evening outing…We’ll have a toast to you Tom! :cheers
Happy Birthday!!!
Connie & Aj

:bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday
:cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake :cake
:bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday

Happy happy birthday baby…
Let’s hear it for the June Bugs!!
Wishin’ very month of the year could be JUNE!!!

I don’t think i can last til midnight so i am going to chime in now with my birthday wishes!
:sunshine:bday :sunshine :bday :sunshine :bday :sunshine

:woohoo  :cheers :woohoo  :cheers :woohoo  :cheers :woohoo :cheers: :woohoo

have a good one! :flower


happiest of birthdays mayor!!!

once again . . .

:cake :cheers :bday :cake :cheers :bday :cake

         HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

:cake :cheers :bday :cake :cheers :bday :cake

It sure is the b-day season…Happy B-day TOM …and thanks for all the work ya do w/ the forum and everything else!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO for summer b-days!!! :cheers

Happy Birthday to you!!!

You belong in a zoo!!!

You look like a

And you smell like one tooooooo!!!

Happy Birthday Tom!!!


Happy Burfday! You deserve all the accolades! Many happy returns!!


Of Course To My Best Friend , Mentor and All around Lover of Life

Happy whatever day it is !!!

:cake :cake :cake :cake :bday :bday :bday :bday :bday :horsey :horsey :horsey :concert :hombre :festivarian

:wink: Did you just say that Tom is your lover? :secret :kiss

errrr NO …Smite !!


He is a Lover of Life !!


I love life, and I love Ron as a friend, and a brother… but to be his lover… NOT.

And I’d have a hard time getting myself to smite Connie… :wink:

She’s just too cute and sweet. :flower

Happy Birthday Tom.

…and a Very Happy (belated) Birthday to you Mayor! :flower


Hope Lin :pickin

Happy birthday, Tom!!! I’ll give you a big, fat birthday kiss in exactly ELEVEN DAYS!!! :love :love :love

61 :flower

Sounds good to me. :flower