Happy Birthday Semicharmed

It’s your turn to be celebrated by your festivarian friends…


May you have a wonderful day and your celebration last thru the weekend

:hop :hop :cheers :hop :hop


Happy Birthday Anne!


Hey Anne!!! :wave It’s your birthday??? :cake How lucky for you!!! :jester

Big Hugs! :hug

Thanks guys!! Yay! You are the best :slight_smile: :flower


Have a great day Anne!

Happy Birthday! :cake

Gosh, Smugglers will be busy! :wink: :cheers

I love that birthday smiley!

Have a great bday, Anne! :wave

You have a L-O-T of candles to blow out, Doc… don’t forget your O2 tank… :giggle

Happy Happy Day! :flower

Anne! Is this true? I am only one day older than you. wooooh. cool

no . … really… happy birthday sister fish girl! :fish

:bday :sunshine :bday :sunshine :bday :sunshine :bday :sunshine

see you in June!


OMG I almost missed it. :flower

Happy Happy Joy Joy
Birthday Best to you.

Auntie Anne’s Birthday! :flower Auntie Anne’s Birthday! :flower Auntie Anne’s Birthday! :flower Auntie Anne’s Birthday! :flower Auntie Anne’s Birthday! :flower Auntie Anne’s Birthday!

See You Soon!!!

Auntie Hope :pickin

You guys are wonderful! I had a great day full of nice little things, including each and every one of these messages. Thank you for thinking of me!
See you all at Smuggler’s to CELEBRATE everyone’s birthyear!

Hope, I just noticed that was your 1000th post! How auspicious! Thanks for the call!!
:flower :flower :flower :flower :flower :flower

Anne, I fixed the fish :fish in the earlier post.

Was your birthday a good one? I hope so!

LuAnna… .of the fish - :fish - sisterhood

Head’s up there Dustin… :thumbsup :wave :thumbsup :wave

HOPE IS MOST OBVIOUSLY - - - "mostly retired’

Are You making a political comment…

“mostly retired geeeesh” :evil

I love you people.


Sorry for my tardiness! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! :flower


Happy belated Birthday! glad you had a good day. Can’t wait to see your semicharmed face in June :flower :cheers

Jealous, Mr. Hippy? :evil

Let me try and put it all in context…

I’m always headed to Telluride. I moved becuase it was a 5 day drive, now it’s only 3… and only a two day drive to Auntie Anne’s!