Happy Birthday, Punchy! (and the story of how Punchy came to be)

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Punchy!!! :cheers

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This is the story of how Punchy came to be (well, not THAT type of coming to be).

I had just moved to Charlotte, NC since the company I worked for was merging with two others in a town outside of Charlotte called Mooresville. Our address was 149 Gasoline Alley Drive - yes, we are talking NASCAR country.

I met Mike (this was Punchy’s original name) in the offices through mutual devilish associates. :evil

We gradually starting hanging out after work having a few beers, etc.

But then everything got turned up a level or three one fateful Friday the 13th - November 13, 1998 to be exact. Punchy, me and three other guys from work thougt it would be a good idea to borrow the company van and drive up to Boone (home of Appalachian State U) to see Merl Saunders at a club called Rafters. This wasn’t some spartan GM white truck. This was somewhat of a pimped out ride complete with TV/VCR.

We started watching Pulp Fiction and for whatever reason why this particular scene below just seemed to fit:

While Butch waits for his smokes, Vincent just sips his
coffee, staring at him. Butch looks over at him.

                   Lookin' at somethin', friend?

                   I ain't your friend, palooka.

    Butch does a slow turn toward Vincent.

                   What was that?

                   I think ya heard me just fine,

So, Mike became Punchy and I became Palooka. (I was going to sign up on the forum as Palooka originally but BillyBeru had more “heritage”).

Later on that evening and in the midst of the haze of the evening’s activities, Merl Saunders was just ripping it up (half of us couldn’t move from our tables to go dance to Merl). Finally, Punchy says he has got to get up close to see Merl play.

Merl finishes the first set and walks by us to go outside - he didn’t seem to have a smile on his face. In fact (at least to our demented minds), he looked downright upset about something.

Just after Merl walks by, Punchy comes strolling up with a big 8-year old grin. But that grin quickly turned to near tears as we asked Punchy “Hey, Punchy, what the @!&* did you say to Merl to piss him off?”

Needless to say given the state he was in, Punchy actually believed he had said or done something to distress Merl. After letting him believe this for a good five minutes and after the gut-busting laugher had subsided we reassured him that he did not indeed upset Merl…but he could have :lol)

Since my first 2001 TBF, I had been calling Punchy every year from the festival during a performance in the middle of the day. Each time I think I closed with “Punch, you have to get yourself out here - this is your place!”. Each year the response would be the same " I know…someday."

Well, as the course of events unfolded, that day finally came in 2007. And we’ve been riding high ever since!!! :hop :hop

Punchy, my brother, thank you for bringing your energy into my life and being a part of Telluride with me. Let the good times keep a rolling!


Billy Beru Palooka


Nice story Billy. :thumbsup

Happy Birthday Punchy! See you in June! :cake :rock :hop :clap :dog :bday

Happy Birthday to you. :flower

What they said!!

Merry Christmas, Punchy!!! (I just have to be different) :lol

Following in Hooch’s footsteps…

Happy Thanksgiving! :deer

(Hey! I called with B’day wishes earlier today! Of course, the voice mail picked up.) :flower

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                   Happy Birthday Punchy Mike!

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And I’m so glad I finally know where the name comes from! hehe



Happy birthday Punchy! :cheers

Happy Belated, Bud! :wave


Love the birthday suit… :giggle

Thank you, thank you, thank you :flower

Palooka, thanks for leaving out a few of the incriminating details :evil


Hey Punchy! I think Daniela has a hat you can borrow to go with that Birthday Suit! :lol Should be a perfect match! :thumbsup

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