Happy Birthday Doc Mike!!!

                    :woohoo :woohoo :cake :woohoo :woohoo

     :cheers It's yer Birthday,, it's yer Birthday,,,it's yer Birthday :cheers

                                     HAPPY  BELATED BIRTHDAY!!


Well, I already said it in an email but I’ll say it here too:



Happy Birthday Doc! here’s to a warm, expansive and very fulfilling B-day! :cheers

Happy happy! :bday :sunshine

Happy Belated, Doc.


Happy Birthday Doc! :cheers

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

As my head lifts out of an absinthe fog…

Thanks to all!

Hope it was a good one! :cheers

:wave Geez - - - - How did I miss this one :huh

Doc :flower You are truly one of a kind. Take it as you will… :lol


Happy Belated Birthday Doc…

Were I in Telluride, I’d buy you one of those shearling jock straps they have in that one store…

xoxo R

and i’d get you a SWEEET superman suit from the freebox.

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Happy Belated Birthday to you!