You are the tie-dye queen
purple orange pink and green
With a smile so big and bright
It lights up the darkest night.

You’re a beauty to behold
with your braided hair of gold
When you walk into the room
I’m sure all the guys will swoon.

So here’s to you Daniela
from all the girls and fellas
Hope your birthday is the best of all
And we’ll see you at next festival!

:cheers :bday :hug :cake

:cake :cake and a Hippy Barthday to you ! :cake :cake


Hope your birthday is the best! :flower
:hop :bday :hop

and much Love our Tye Dyed Goddess!
:flower :flower :flower

Happy Birthday, our Dainty Flower! :woohoo :cake :woohoo

Happy Birthday Daniela!

:bday :woohoo :bday

Holy snikes Batman! Happy 40th! Hoping you are having a fabulous day Daniela!


My queen, it was so wonderful spending time with you at Telluride. Hope you are having a beautiful day! Can’t wait to see you soon again soon.

Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday!!! nerd!!!

I cant wait to tease you daily with old people jokes!!!

Oh and welcome to the 40+ Club !

Hope you had a good one Daniela!

All the best,
Sam & Samantha :cheers

:wave Hey! Happy Birthday!!! I hope it’s filled with pink frilly things that are made of chocolate!

:dance :dance :dance :dance

Cindy Lou! Your birthday poem made me cry. Thank you for that. I didn’t realize you were such a talented poet. It’s so very nice to feel special. All of my festivarian friends make me feel more special than anyone ever has in the history of my entire universe. From the bottom of my tie-dyed heart, I love you all.

Daniela :flower :flower :flower :flower :flower :flower :flower :flower :flower

I wanted to make you smile girl, not cry! But I think I know what you mean. :wink:
I hope next time we’re in the same park, we get to visit a bit more. I also know what you mean about how our festi-friends make us ALL feel so special. I feel very blessed to be a part of ALL this. Life is a lot brighter because of you and everyone I have met through this forum and at festivals. :medal