Happy Birthday Craig!!!

:cake HAPPY BIRTHDAY Craig Ferguson!!! :cake

I also wanted to say thanks! Thanks for the music, thanks for the family and thanks for the fun!

Many returns brah…

xoxo Rhonny

                              :hug :hug :sunshine :hug :hug

                                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :medal

To the Real Deal!!!
Thanks for your Time , your hard work and your love
Happy Birthday

Ron and Deb


Happy Birthday my friend!
Thanks for everything. :flower

:thumbsup Hippy Barthday to you :thumbsup

Thanks for everything


Happy Birthday Craig!

Thank you for orchestrating some of the best times of my life!

Happy Birthday Craig! Many More to you! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin :green


Thanks for 16 Tellurides, 8 Rockygrasses, countless hours of listening to great music, and lots of new friends.
:cheers :cheers

Happy Birthday Craig!!! Have some cake! :cake

Thanks for getting the whole Family together for Great times! (and music too!)

A big happy birthday, Craig. Thank you for all you do to create the most magical week of the entire year. :medal :medal :medal

I’m happy you’re on the planet Craig! Thanks for providing a spectacular space for so many lovely memories. For always making me feel at home while at the same time introducing something new and sweet! I hope it’s the best year yet for you and yours!

:cake :cake :cake

a day late, :cheers but nothing short in the good wishes!

Wow This was hidden - two weeks late and a dollar short.

Happy Birthday - Pretend it’s not a leap year and you get to celebrate whenever you want to.

Whatever, happy birthday. Next year we’ll come to your party, in June, solstice weekend. OK?

C :flower