Happy A** Ranch Bluegrass fest .. Jul 11-13, 2008

… anyone else going? … relatively small venue bluegrass fest … a couple hundred folks… but … a great little fest on a huge organic ranch between Lake George, CO and Elevenmile reservoir… http://www.grassitup.com/index.cfm



Hey this looks good and I will keep that in mind for next year!

Just wanted to jump on here and encourage you folks to attend the 3rd annual bluegrass and Jam at the Happy Ass Ranch. It is sure to be a great time. The Friday night schedule includes OTC Varmitz, Bruce Hayes and the Murder Ballads ( from Montreal). And Saturday COW, Stanleytones, Grass It Up, Creating A Newsense, Quickdraw Homegrown Music (Mark Merryman), the Ackerman’s, ACME Bluegrass (John Ramsey, ownes Tejon Street Music). More great music on Sunday including the Florissant Fossils with Dennis Holt. Plus a second stage for songwriters to perform on all weekend. This event is guaranteed to be a bohemian festivarian experience. With primitive camping and miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life and great music you are bound to have a wonderful weekend. So, if you or your friends would like to play on the songwriters stage or have questions about the event please contact me at david@csindy.com. I organize the event and play in Grass It Up. Thanks for you interest!

Can’t wait for for the bluegrass and jam fest this year! Last year was a blast. The music was quality and so were the people. The festival grounds at Happy Ass Ranch are perfect for a weekend long pickin’ party. I had plenty of camping space to hang out with my friends, which was very close to the stage. Be sure to check out Creating a Newsense Saturday night. They’ll have the party ragin’! Grass It Up and Spring Creek tore it up as well last year. See y’all in July.

This will be my 3rd year in a row! The area has camping, rock climbing, hiking, fishing, kayaking/canoeing, general grab-assery and is only a short scenic drive from just about anywhere. The music is the main draw though for sure. All acts are quality and will have you boogying all day…and most of the night. See you all there!

I’ve been looking forward to this festy for a while now! I went last year and had an awesome time. Great ranch to camp on with a beautiful view of Pikes Peak. Music was killer last year! And it’s awesome to be hanging with the bands at their campsites as they pick thru the night around the fires. Lots of good people & music, and a great atmosphere. :thumbsup Can’t wait! :cheers

WOW … awesome that so many folks 1. have heard of it, and 2. have been there. Last year was my first time, and it was great. I was only there for saturday tho :(. This year, gonna either tent-camp, or, may traverse the ‘road’ there with the pop-up. (saw a few there last year … should be able to make it). I’m lookin forward to it… kickin back for the whole weekend pickin’ and grinnin’ and listenin’ :). ( I wonder if the two guys will be there this year that got pulled over last year and got a ride back to the fest by me (because the deputy sheriff really didn’t wanna fill out all that paperwork LOLOL … so he asked me if I’d take them back (driver was … a little tipsy … and … other guy… didnt have a license LOLOL)).

At any rate, I look forward to meetin’ y’all that are gonna be there.



This will be my 3rd year - can’t wait!!! I encourage anyone thinking of going to go for sure! I’m interested to see how many folks show up this year - I think the number tripled last year - hope it does again this year! :cheers

Are there any Happy Asses out there?