Halloween in Denver

Bolinas would be nice but out here we are slammin’ with Vince and Drew.

Who’s coming to the Fillmore?

Back to back, Belly to belly
I don’t give a damn
I’m done Dead already

is it friday yet?

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Huuuuuuuuuump day and the hubby gets home from a 4 day trip…

The weather looks mild :thumbsup so our drive up the mountain would be easy for once. What no snow on Halloween? This is excellent but very unusual…

Sounds fun to me and I will throw it out there and see if the big guy is up for it… :flower
Look for the shark if we go, would love to meet you guys. :flower

I am just not into the Fillmore anymore after a few NYE Yonder Shows, it just doesn’t have that Festivarian vibe that other smaller venues have. I did go to the last LOS on Halloween there, and I had a good time, but it is just a hassle anymore if you don’t live close.

I am going to Ned this year for Mountain Standard Time at the Shining Star Cafe. The tickets I bought for Mountain Standard Time will get us into the Pioneer Inn (Elephant Revival) and the First Street Pub (Smooth Money Gesture). I guess I like the places where you can chat with the band in between sets, but I know LOS and YMSB are too big for that anymore…

Benny Galloway and Sally Van Meter were awesome at the Shining Star Cafe last Friday. Robin Davies joined in as well as Andy Thorn. It was some damn good music…

No dressup play date fer me I guess…bummer :spill
Have fun and post some pics if you can… :flower

Too bad - I will let you know how MST goes :slight_smile:

Hope to see some of you at the show. :cheers

                    :festivarian :fish :fish :fish :fish :fish :festivarian

                So who's going to dress like a shark to represent

                             Dustin? :lol :flower

Negative. :lol