Grub that goes with Homebrew!

Okay…Flat Ron and I have been planning some finger food to go with the Home Brew tasting at Camp Wander-In. This is Tuesday around 12 noon. All are welcome to bring a little some thing and put it in the service line at the Jailhouse across the street from the the brew tasting setup at Wander-In. I have a black bean/corn salsa, Bacon wrapped brauts w/cayene and rye rounds (sausage, cheese, oragano) on mini ryes. Ron, I think has some stuffed Jalapino’s and not sure what else. Just adding a few munchies to the tasting. We do not want this to over shadow the folks that have gone to hard work to produce some great beers! That one with raspberry, last year, was to die for!
Just a small addition to the pre-fest activities. This is what it is all about! Don’t forget the PJ Breakfast at 9 AM on Wednesday morning! PJ’s or you don’t get served! FFFFFEEEESSSSTTTTIIIVVVAAAAAAALLLLL!
:woohoo :hop :woohoo :hop :woohoo :hop :woohoo :hop :woohoo :hop :dog :dog :dog

A little heen on crackers maybe…

HHEEEENNNN! How could I foget HEEN! Brauts wrapped in HEEN, Black bean corn salsa with HEEN, Jalapeno’s stuffed with HEEN, HEEN on crackers! What goes better with Home Brew than HEEN!
HEEN for the soul, HEEN for the mind, HEEN for the spirit! Mankind can not LIVE without HEEN! :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

Dang, starting to sound like Pastor Mustard! :evil :huh

Hmmmmm Im Thinking something with Bacon maybe some Pork and maybe a touch of more Bacon
Hmmmmmmm Wonder what that could be ???
“And Boom Goes the Dynomite”
:evil :cheers :evil

bacon is good…
fried chicken and waffles with ancho honey is some of the best home brew grub i can think of
oh! maybe get some bacon to top the waffles… mmmmmmm… :cheers

Okay…there is actually a restaurant in fort Worth that serves fried chicken and waffles TOGETHER as a meal…have one of those where you are?

But, but, no bacon?

Mmm chicken and waffles It makes me think of the south

What? No gravy? I think I just heard my heart valves shutting down! :lol :lol :lol

the ancho honey sauce is kinda like gravy
and landshark, could use some bacon to go on top, maybe homemade bacon bits, hmmm…
and there is a bar/resteraunt called modaddy’s that serves chicken and waffles in asheville…
theres one in fort worth too huh?

So would this be a breakfast or dinner dish…just shows to go ya Beer goes well with just about anything :cheers

Beer nuts… yah gotta have beer nuts… :lol :cheers

:quote Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. :quote
Benjamin Franklin

It is also pretty good with a Camp Run a Muck breakfast burrito.


Pies, Scotch Eggs and more Pies.

Does anyone else out there think that chocolate goes just great with beer? I have some friends (Bud light/Busch drinkers) that just don’t understand! :cheers

I tried an Irish chocolate stout once and it tasted real good :thumbsup

It was from a homebrew kit or home recipe and I wish I had the patience to create such a brew. Mmmmm!

If you mix 3 parts Youngs double chocolate stout with 1 part youngs raspberry stout you will get a beer that tastes like a chocolate covered raspberry! I’m not much of one to drink fruit beers but this one is very good.

Thanx Jo,

thats an easy recipe for a girl that luuurves chocolate in any shape or form :lol

I can’t wait to try it :cheers

Yuk! Beer should taste like beer … cold crisp and hoppy IMO. :flower

I think the gravy goes on the waffles! :lol :lol :lol :lol
Think I’m going to go with just some finger food that goes well with the brews. I have the three items I mentioned earlier and that’s [u]MY[u] story. After the Eggs Benny I’ll be about cooked out anyway. We will have plenty of space in the serving line for those that want to bring their own tidbits.
Ron and I just thought a little food with the great brews would be a great addition. Join in!
But remember, the Brewers have the main stage!