Grocery stores

Hi! More of what you don’t need…QUESTIONS! :wink:
So…we attended TBF in 2017 and stayed in Mountain Village, Condo room with no kitchen…so we had a ton of STUFF for a 2 & 6 year old…
2019 - Driving in from St. Louis, hoping to take it easier this year with less baggage…that includes coolers and trying to keep them cold for a 20-hour road trip.


  • Are the grocery stores that I see via google stocked with the normal must haves (JUNK) for kids/convenience…(Ex: chip-snacks/eggs/frozen pizza/milk/sausage/sub sandwiches/ice) Or better yet…Beer/Vodka/Whiskey…Any Booze? I picture more of a Trader Joe’s theme and I just want to be prepared and pack accordingly.

*Our lodging is along the “quiet side of the San Miguel River”, but via the Tel Firefighter’s post, that river is flowing pretty heavy. Are there any flooding/disaster potentials (Currently half of the St Louis Metro area is under water from our rivers, so I’m naturally curious.

*Are there simple/easy/no bear threat (lol) family hiking trails easily accessible without needing to take a car? I’m hoping to park the truck and not move it for a week.

*We won’t be bringing our bikes, but are scooters allowed in town? Figure the kids could scoot around while we sight-see the town? But some may see scooters as a nuisance…?

*In the festival, water is provided for refillable jugs/nalgenes…water guns? If I’m remembering correctly?

*If we skipped FirstGrass, what are some must see-do’s in the town that we could check out?! Or if we get there early enough, things we could check out before FirstGrass.

I want to enjoy the town this time!!! Thanks and GO BLUES!!

Both grocery stores in town have a fairly wide variety of the “junk food staples” you’ve indicated … just a bit scaled down from a larger super market.

Having said that, I won’t set foot in the Markup At Telluride … unless it’s a matter of convenience for a single item. Clarks definitely has better pricing on the whole, but Montrose will definitely beat any of the above…

Yaasss!! I forgot about Montrose!!! We’ll plan on stopping as we pass through. Thank You!

We always stop at Montrose on the way in. The stores in Telluride are too expensive and have limited choices.