Grilled Cheese Spectacular

Just a heads up that we will be coordinating another Grilled Cheese Spectacular for lunch on Monday. You should be able to check the dry erase board at DukTape for the exact time and any other details. For those unfamiliar - our chef will be making a variety of creative grilled cheese offerings using whatever ingredients we bring him. From breads to cheeses to any type of toppings, great and/or creative offerings are welcome! Dessert grilled cheeses are also phenomenal, so bring the sweet as well as the savory.

For inspiration, a recent similar event features sandwiches like “onion and garlic tomato jam, Arizona-grown banana peppers with langers cheese, on Proof-bakery olive loaf with maple miso butter” and “aged Vermont cheddar with caramelized onion jam, truffle powder, tomato paste and Worcestershire on garlic French bread”.

We will also open some beers to pair and/or share - because while kids are welcome to taste the sammies, these are not your children’s grilled cheeses!

Attached picture: grilled lemon-pepper shrimp, blueberries, jalapeño hot sauce and honey hot goat cheese on sourdough

Can’t wait! One of my favorite events!

Finally a fitting use for my malort pickle jam!

Is this event included on the calendar?



Note to self - don’t forget to pack the dry erase board…

I got smart this year and drilled a couple holes in the corners of our dry board, so we can hang it!

Do not love!

My teen has already asked about this event. This is her favorite Town Park event, and she doesn’t even (normally) like grilled cheese sandwiches! :rofl: Will be interesting to see what people bring to the table now that it’s an official, beyond the white board event. Might be hard to top the camelized apples and goat cheese on grilled donuts version. I still dream about that one. Can’t wait!

The Grilled Cheese Spectacular actually started as a backyard event here in Phoenix that we now recreate festy style. This year, we even had an official record keeper who tracked ingredients as they arrived on a massive whiteboard. For inspiration, here is a peek!

Oh, the irony!