Greyhound Station

Looks like Greyhound does go into Telluride but it stops at Keystone. Does anyone know if there is a shuttle or any suggestions on getting into town on Wednesday night.

The Greyhound stop in Telluride is at 100 SOCIETY DR. It looks like it drops you off in town, versus in Keystone.

100 Society Drive is at the Conoco Station.

I stand corrected :(. Sorry.

In that case, I think that with the amount of people that are coming in for the fest on Wed night, it shouldn’t be too difficult to hook up with someone on the board for a lift into T-ride or the Gondola Station in Mtn Village and take the Gondola into T-ride. OP, place a post in the ‘Hitching a Ride’ section. I’m confident you’ll find conveyance.



Thanks for the help! This is only my second year but after the experiences I had last year, I hope to make it every year from now on.

By Wed pm, the shuttles will probably be making their runs, and be running right past the Conoco, so a ride into town should be no problem. PB may have more detailed info on the shuttle schedule…

JCbartnik are you trying to get into town specifically because you are camping in TP, or to Mtn. Village for the Yonder show? You can go into town and ride the gondola up to Mtn. Village when the time is appropriate, if you want to spend the afternoon in town to get your wristband and go into Town Park to visit.
I think if you get off the bus at the gas station you could probably just ask folks there if any are headed into town. Any that are and have room for you and your gear I’m sure would give you a lift. No need to stand out on the road with your thumb out. :thumbsup

Thanks Cindy, I am just trying to get into TP. It looks like finding a friendly ride will be pretty easy. Thanks also for the brief invitation into Shunryu Suzuki.