Greensky Bluegrass with Town Mountain Friday Sept. 25 at the Grey Eagle

Greensky Bluegrass will be in asheville at the Grey Eagle with Town Mountain on Friday Sept. 25

woooooo!!! its tonight and i cant wait to see greensky again! the only time i’ve seen them before was at telluride and i been excited to see them again since… i guess this is their first time in asheville and theyre cobilled with town mountain. should be a great night of music!!!
show starts at 9 :woohoo :woohoo :pipe :clap :drunk :dancing :dance :woohoo

Have a blast, bro… I get to see the Greensky boys in a couple weeks at Joshua Tree Roots Fest in Cali. ~Can’t wait!!!

wish i could see them again that soon…
i bet that joshua roots festival is awesome, i heard about it before…
well, greensky was a pure treat! got some really enegetic grass and some crazy psychadelic jamming, which was so awesome and completely blew me away until it all resolved into a ‘bad’ by michael jackson!
i swear, the more i listen to them, the more they remind me of cheese like 10 years ago…
oh, and anders, what else can be said?!!???
good stuff greensky, goooooood stuff :dance