Grateful Dead photo collection spanning the years -- 937 JPGs zipped -- 260MB

Grateful Dead photo collection - 937 JPGs - this is a Zip archive file I made - 260MB. This is the GD pic collection in the archives at, operated by Rhino Records. This pic collection also circulates at Lossless Legs, as a bit torrent.

Monte’s Grateful Dead page - this is the best GD show that I taped. This Archive page includes links to huge GD & Jer bit torrent tape collections, and Internet Archive tape collections. There are links to informative webpages, some very handy GD resources, and an in-depth rundown on their incredible sound system, the Wall of Sound.

the art of the Matrixa new Matrix mix I made for June 9, 1973
55% Soundboard recording mix, 45% Audience recording mix

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