Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival 2017 - Questions for newbie

My wife and I are going to the Grand Targhee festival Aug 11-13 and will be camping. Anyone that’s been recently have some tips for arrival/camping/getting good seats?

  1. We will arrive Friday by car from Seattle. Does it help much to get in early Friday in regards to good camping spots? I know camping opens Thursday, so I’m sure the regulars will be there already…if we arrive Friday early afternoon will it be easy to squeeze into a relatively shaded and flat spot? Or should we try to arrive earlier morning Friday?
  2. If anyone is camping as a group and wants to invite another couple to join a crowd, we’d love to get to know people too. We are 50-ish, bluegrass lovers…attended Grey Fox in NY 10 years in a row…love the music and staying until the late night end, etc.
  3. Can you place chairs on the hill in front of the stage and leave them for the weekend, or each day does everyone carry in chairs/tarps? Timing on that would also be helpful.
  4. Have mosquitoes been a problem in the past?

We have heard about the altitude, weather, and sunscreen needs and will be ready!

Thanks in advance for the info!