Got some tips for MARY E. ILIUM CAMPGROUND?

Hello everyone.

This will be my first time at TBF. I’ll be camping at MARY E. ILIUM CAMPGROUND, and won’t arrive until Wednesday night, right before the Festival starts. Already got tickets and a vehicle pass.

Will I be able to get into the campgrounds and find a decent spot if arriving later than most other people? Will our site be chosen for us, or do we just find any area available?

Any info for a newbie would be greatly appreciated!


Shouldn’t have any problem finding a decent site, as there is no bad site in Illium. No designations, and if there’s room you can spread out pretty far and wide as long as you aren’t being absurd about how much space you need. The bus ride kinda blows, but the campground at Illium is great! Have fun say hey to Russ and the gang.

Be prepared for extreme heat and cold. Woke up to frost on the tent every morning at Ilium. If you can bring MTN bikes as there are some sweet easy trails just out the gate of Illium. Make friends with the folks who volunteer at the gate, many are part of a sweet band that jams just about every night in the campground.

Thanks for helpful info!

Also, as I understand, there are no open fires allowed? No fire rings?

I can bring a charcoal grill or propane stove, tho’, right?

Really looking forward to this Fest!

Propane for sure I’m not certain about charcoal. No fires allowed of any woodburning kind.


There aren’t any picnic tables provided either, right?

Bring a pack that will allow you to bring layers and other necessities so that you do not need to take the bus more than once a day if there are lots of acts that you like. It is 1.5 hour round trip, maybe more when the bus is overloaded or you just miss a bus.

Camping is sweet but Wednesday night you will need to be a little flexible and grab something rather than look for perfection.

There is volunteer run coffee action in the morning, sign up for a shift to meet some people and drink.

+1 on mountain biking trails nearby

Waiting to catch a bus back in mid-town can be frustrating as buses fill up at the park.

Hello, About the only thing that is supplied for us out there is some porta-potties, and a water trailer by the welcome tent.
As far as I know charcoal, and propane grills are acceptable. The reason behind the fire ban is the smoke in the valley.
There will be allot of people coming in on Wednesday night. The volunteers at the front should have an idea of where the open areas still are. Except for roads, If it is a flat area it’s ok to camp there. Spread out and say hi to your neighbors.