Gospel Sunday

Have you ever heard Molly OBrien sing Shut the door keep out the Devil? Dang she has this shrill to her voice that could shatter glass. I want me some Molly!!!

Mmmmm, good stuff. Thanks for turning me on to her. I found her singing Shut De Do on YouTube, as well. She’s an angel with that voice.

Here she is with Rich Moore performing Saints & sinners.

:wave :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
So clear her voice and when she let loose she can tear the roof off. Big beautiful voice. Mollie not Molly. thats me never spell correctly but mean well :lol

Just watching the Love for Levon concert and Mavis Staples is still sounding great and she is currently touring. I know she isn’t a bluegrass act but I would wake up extra early on a Sunday morning to hear her sing some gospel tunes.

It’s been too long since we have had a real good ole Gospel Sunday… I am hoping for one of those

When I first heard Mollie sing at the Targhee bluegrass camp a couple of years ago (she was teaching voice), my jaw dropped and I instantly got teary-eyed. You know someone’s voice is amazing when it does that! I would definitely love to see her and Rich do a gospel set (maybe with Tim, too).

I sure enjoyed Johnnie C last year! :thumbsup

POWERFUL, grabs ya by the heart and squeezes some emotion out of ya! Thats power. Music pretty crazy good. :medal Gospel grabs ya and tosses you to the side like a bad habit, stomps on your heart, mind and soul and even if your don’t believe after the song is done you start to think, maybe, just maybe there is somethin bigger then myself. Gospel is soul food. :medal

AMEN! :thumbsup

Wish I could remember the fine chap’s name who runs the Gospel tent in New Orleans for the Jazz and Heritage Festival. Although the whole festival has blown up into a more corporate deal, many of the fine folks of the Big Easy are still running it. At any rate I’m pretty sure He’d have the hook for the best acts available. Reach out, integrate; oneness.