Good morning festivarians!!! Grateful Dead Town Park '87!!!!

In honor of the harmonic convergence that has gone on for the last 36 years, I present for your listening pleasure the almost surreal recording of the Grateful Dead playing night 2 of 2 at Telluride town Park, which also was the start of the worldwide harmonic convergence in '87. If anyone was there I would love to hear some stories.

Got my camp setup yesterday and had to come home to work today thru tuesday. Hope they didnt get snowed on in Town Park last night the weather was brutal yesterday!!! Peace, love and bluegrass!!!

Grateful Dead 8/16/87 Telluride Town Park link:

Any chance they have the first night too?

2 hours of footage from that weekend…mostly of the “scene”. The second is from inside of the shows.

here is 8/15:

Thank you kindly! :cheers

I found my Mayan GD t-shirt from that time. As much as I remember any Dead show, there were lots of happy people, and I think watching Zulu dancers open was great. I haven’t listened to the shows for quite a while. 23 years? I still have a poster of the show. I guess I should frame it. I recall a huge wall of people walking after the show, filling main street. Maybe TBF will spark a memory and I’ll find a friend or two and we will come up with some lies and tales about that time and share them in a week or two.

I was there both nights. I was fresh-faced and 17.

My body was there on the ground, both days, but my mind, well it was :abduct
And this was all after 2 or 3 amazing shows at Red Rocks right before the Tride shows.