Good Luck Everybody!

Tomorrow morning is the big day. I know I’ll be jacked up on coffee and yerba, sitting in front of the computer sweating. I’ll get cold chills, and put on a sweater, then I’ll freak out and get hot and take it off. Re-arranging the credit card so I can see it as clearly as possible. Have my old eyes “readers” at the ready so I don’t have to stand 5ft from the card to read it. Repeat multiple times before 10am hits and the wave of nervous energy explodes either into happiness or a post to the TBF ticket board.

Hope your morning goes well and we all get exactly what we want.
:hot_face: :cold_face: :woozy_face: :heart_eyes_cat: :star_struck:


Fingers crossed. Good Luck!


Man, I forgot it was tomorrow until I had two friends reach out to me this AM with questions. Hopefully will be a good morning for everyone! Line up in 3 weeks, too. Let it begin…

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Good vibes to you. No idea what yerba is! You Americans are so funny :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Yerba Matte is a South American tea, that we use instead of coffee. It’s what the Pope drinks!

Ha! I just assumed it was another name for that stuff people smoke. Good luck tomorrow

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Total madhouse Thursday as Billy Strings Red Rocks goes onsale at Exactly the same hour. Oh noes, multiple Windows, toes crossed as well.

Do you have the silver straw and the carved gourd for the yerba mate? Al estilo Argentino?


We do have the straws and carved gourds. But, these days we mostly make Yerba in a french press.

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Good luck everyone!!

I’m in the Queueueueue!
Sold my house and the closing is at 12:30 today - I’m hoping to behave my tickets before then! Last year I ended up with a number in the 3000s … ugh!

I doubt that it is a coincidence that Billy Red Rocks tix go on sale at the same time.
I never even got a too bad email from AXS on that one.

I got 6,000 and I’m a volunteer just trying to get camping :frowning:

Volunteer here too, Erica. Although I started out this morning at 5823. A wee bit ahead of you!
Only need camping, but I’m hoping for a Warner Field ticket so I can camp on-site.

I was 3000 something and just got in. WF and TP sold out. about 1200 4 day passes left. Single days almost gone, guess I’ll check back in June to see what available :man_shrugging:

Now all 4 day passes are sold out!

Well, all I could get was Lawson Hill. A bit disappointed for sure, but I expect I’ll still have a blast! I’ll hope to purchase a Mary E in the future.

There are still camping passes available for Lawson. I would go ahead and get one. You can always return it if you get a Warner, but at least you will have it if you need it.

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Yep, I did get one … but still really really really really hoping for a WF or TP!:smile:

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