Good Ale

I think the reason Ale was discovered was to bring hot showers and people together, errrr somethin like that :lol :medal

I like the way you Think
come check out our Shower/Beer Tent !
:evil :cheers :evil

Oh yes… the shower/beer-tent. This is a camp Wander In wonder. Perfect for when you need a little “hair O’ the dog”. Wake-up or come-to from passing out, wander over to Wander In, un-dress, step inside the pleasant little shower-tent (there’s room for two), tap yourself a brew, wet-down, lather-up, and enjoy the hot water until the cooler-reservoir runs dry! The cost? You gotta re-fill the cooler-reservoir for the next person. Ahhhhh… only in Town Park!
Ron… you come up with some pretty good ideas.

Karlos :cheers

P.S. Why don’t you consider setting the shower/beer-tent up at camp Run-A-Muck. Then you can add watching the festival to the experience. :rock

That sounds great… think I can modify my home shower like that… :lol

Sawtooth and Laughing Lab Ale, :medal I would like to taste a homebrew Ale, I bet they taste great!! :medal

Why Thank you Sir !

How many of you drink all your shower water?
I feel back about pouring a bottle of wine to braise something, even if I use it to make more good food and don’t waste it.