Gondola hours?

I know the gondola runs until 2AM but does anyone know what time it starts running in the morning during the festival? We’re staying in Mtn. Village this year and the info would be useful.


Usually it opens at 7:00 AM, but during festival it may open at 6:00 although I’m not real sure of it. :flower

If I’m not mistaken, it still starts running at 7am during festival, too.

I’ll see if I can dig something up for sure…

Bump. Anyone?

i will resreach

when im sober !

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Can I go yet :hop


Hmmm in the morning …before the Bloody !

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The Whole Damn House !

Hours for the Gondola
7 am to Midnight 7 days a week

7am to 2am (I think) during Festival.

…there will be hours posted at the Gondola stations, just in case I’m wrong.

Gondola hours are always changing, but during busy season, or in this case the bluegrass festival the gondola should open at 6 AM and close at 2 AM and it will definetly be busy, so be prepared to wait in line. You can also walk to Mountain Village from the gondola station ETA : 30-45 min :thumbsup