Golden and Bluegrass!

Lets do this thing! :lol :flower

Head For The Hills Quote

“Colorado! We are looking forward to performing in Golden (Adam & Mike’s hometown) for the first time in 7 Years, at the Buffalo Rose on Saturday January 31st, as part of the inaugural UllrGrass Festival. Artists include Peter Rowan and the UllrGrass All Stars (feat. Andy Thorn, Andy Hall, Greg Garrison, & Tyler Grant), The Grant Farm, Coral Creek and many more. For tickets and information:

I was excited to see in the schedual that you could have dinner with Peter Rowan. But then it was a crowd of 40…

I think Peter would be a very interesting person to have dinner with, a table of 5 or 6. But 40?

That’s a meet and greet. :flower It would be a let down to have dinner with Peter and never actually get to talk to him!

Because PBG has such intimate grounds I think the perfect place to have a conversation and dinner would be under a tree with a basket of dinner and wine for 6 or 7. If I could choose.

Interesting idea however. :medal

YO! A shout out to all . Roll Call, who’s going? :flower

Going for the 3 day pass myself.

Support Bluegrass in Golden! Come on down :medal

Peter Rowan tonight in Golden and many more. Im in! Kudos to Peter for steppen up and supporting Golden in their first Bluegrass Fest. I am eager to support!

I hope to see you there!!! :medal

Free Workshops but never really say if they are hands on. So no mando in tow and I want them to allow drop ins. They will grow and improve each fest.

They never mention Parking…

:thumbsup :thumbsup The music is outstanding if folks would just shut up and listen. I was in front and still could not hear Peter Rowan. :huh

So disrespectful. I want him to return but he was clearly bugged and so was I.
Be kind! Be respectful! Listen!! Too much chatter!

I want to add that we are all spoiled by PBG. The infastructure that goes into running a Fest is huge.

A good MC is worth a million bucks, he or she commands our attention so you know when the headliners are ready for position.

I think a good loud make ya sit up and pay attention kinda guy keeps the crowd on track. Keeps the flow runin in the correct direction.

Hmm. Was wondering what a show at Buffalo Rose would be like. Havent seen a show in that back room yet. Was planning on going to head for the hills tonight but not sure I want to throw down $40 just to see them if there is just going to be talking and distractions.
Was excited for some bluegrass in my hometown so I might just suck it up and go.

Welp trying to figure out now if I want a redo. Dinner tonight with Peter Rowan 80 seat capacity .

Go Nate! Ill see you there, the fun was there fer sure but I needed more volume. Go cus you can!

This Fest is the best idea since sliced bread! I love Golden :medal

Someone just raised an important point or aspect to set times. This set last night was very late and the crowd was fairly toasty. :flower
The room itself is big and It felt like you could really move and dance. Good space! My first time.

Ok fine. Walking down there now.