Going Solo

Don’t know any other festivarians. Any one else in the same boat and want to meet up?

Gonna be there solo too. I kind of like it that way but would like to meet new people too. What campground are you in?

Not camping, local…

pop me an e-mail, we can meet up Friday!

Hi! I’m going solo and crashing locally for all three days. Would love to meet up as well. I’m hangin’ with some of the locals who have taken me under their wing.

Let me know if you’re interested.

I don’t think the boys bite, unless you want them to…


Solo newbie to RG. I’ll be camping on-site and looking to meet some new friends. Anyone wanna adopt me? :hug

Hi there,

We’re setting up a Tweetup at the Wildflower Pavilion at 5pm on Friday. Look for me and I’ll take you around to the folks I know.

I’m sure we can get you adopted! :thumbsup


Do we have to tweet? I’m trying to go “acoustic” all weekend! Sounds like a plan…

OK, as a foreigner on your shores I have to ask …

… what’s a ‘Tweetup’?


Hi folks!

A Tweetup is a dorky way to say we’re going to meet up. Emphasis on dorky.

There is no phone reception on grounds (for most) so you won’t have to tweet anything.

Please come out and say hi!!!


Thanks Mel! I’m looking forward to meeting you and many other fine festivarians!

I will be solo on Sunday if I can find a ticket!

I thought I was the only one going solo. Looking forward to meeting you all at the Wildflower

I can hardly wait to see everyone there! See you tomorrow!!!


Did you get a chance to meetup with new folks?
I usually go solo, and really prefer it that way… I did come with a friend this year, and it was enjoyable

Yes! Met plenty of old friends and made new ones! It was a great time. We’ll see you next year all!!!