Goddess Walk About

Last year was so amazing I don’t know how we’ll top it. We had so much fun decorating hats at Jazz Fest I was thinking to bring stuff to add to our hats. The only problem is - the glue gun is kind of critical. Also, I’m coming in by plane. Can you imagine? Anyone who has seen my car packed to the brim is sharing my expression at the moment.

So for the sake of sanity, I’m not organizing a construction craft this time. But the walk about was way too much fun. How say ye? Are ya bringin’ the prom dresses? I haven’t been watching the forum, too many parades. Hurricane M are you in? Michelle? Jen? Tiki Gals? Ma Biddle? Anyone?

Count me in! I have a new sparkly dress and everything


:flight :flight Courtness arriving from high in the sky!!! :flight :flight

It is a sign!!! Our time approaches!!! Dresses of glittering light, and wings with feathers pink!!!

The Gods will provide a simple glue gun…

If the Goddesses will simply ask…

We even have looonggg extension cords :wink: (SUR)


Whatever The Goddess’s NEED …We will accomadate !

I always appreciate a man with a LOOONGGG EXTENSION CORD!!!

OK :wave

We got Loooong extension cords and big hammers. What else do the Goddesses desire?


once again, i have to miss this event and will have to endure the whole festival feeling like the dork that i am without even one day of Goddess-hood in Goddess-dom. sigh.


OMG, are you so adorable that you can even provide power? I’ll bring the glue guns/glue. Actually, I’ll mail them with the rest of my gear. Does that mean hat creation station at Camp Run A Muck?

I suppose we could do it with a long extension cord by the bathrooms but I’ve been promissed long extension cords in the past and have found it relative to the measurer’s perception. :wink:

That said Goddesses and Gods that want to play, bring stuff to decorate your hat and a hat of course. (because I know you don’t have enough stuff to pack already :eek)

Luanna - Suck in that wisdom you were mentioning, there’s so much that you do that you just can’t do it all. You’re always there in spirit.


GODDESSES UNITE! I am SO there for the Goddess walk-about! I missed y’all so much last year :wink:

Hey Courtness, I have glue gun/glue I can bring too if needed. Oooo… now to gather up the glittery, feathery, happy, joyous decorations for the hats! :butterfly

The first thing that flashed through my mind was the vision of Glenda floating in from the clouds in her bubble, magic wand in hand.

I’m very glad to hear the Goddess Walk-About is going to happen this year! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Wait… what time is this to be? i am rethinking the travel schedule here.

could it actually be mathematically possible?



Time? I learned my lesson year 1. Scheduled walk abouts do not go on as scheduled. It takes place sometime in the afternoon before dinner, can we call that Happy Hour?

Val - I’m having a glue gun crisis - I need to ship my boxes this weekend and make a costume next weekend. So by all means, bring your guns people. (Those who have room)

FYI - Our parade in New Orleans’ theme is “Flock this - Palmyra takes flight”. The theme for the Mardi Gras Parade was “Stimulus Package” and our group was “Shave the Wetlands”. (Did you know the original Mardi Gras parade themes were very political? The floats were all political satires.) That said, do we need a theme? WAIT - I’VE GOT IT -
“Hats Off” (but we’ll have hats on?)

If you have another idea, feel free to suggest.

I’ll send ahead what I can.

:flower :lovedr :toejob
Peace Love and Toe Jobs

Yes, I am so there, and so are all the tiki goddesses! Thanks for organizing Courtness! I will start looking for suppplies and let me know if there is any other way I can help!
Happy goddess-ivating!

YAY!!! Can’t wait to prance with all ya’ll Goddessess again!!!

The answer is yes! Yes, there will be a goddess walk-about. Yes to hats. Yes, I’ll bring a glue gun and many things worthy of being glued to a goddess hat. Yes! Yes! Yes!

In Peace,

3001, 3002, 3003, … Just counting all the way I love y’all.