Goddess Walk About 2008

The Goddess Walk About gives us a chance
to shout, be goofy and do a Goddess dance.

The campsite trail we will traverse,
to drink, sing, stroll and even converse.

To our fellow campers we will bestow
Our Goddess Blessings and a Festivarian Hello.

Camp Get Enough will be the starting place
For sash creations and the walkabout embrace.

We’ll have some stuff to decorate,
bring glitter, and sparkles, please don’t hesitate.

Rainbow colors should inspire
when choosing your goddess walk about attire.

Stop by Sunday morning to create your sash
so it will have time to dry before our bash.

The walk about starting time is in the late afternoon
to create some ruckus and sing a sweet tune.

To FESTIVAAAAL we will all hail
on the Goddess Walk About trail.

Questions on the Goddess Walk About, ask Monkeygirl or Courtness

Looking good there Courtness… Aren’t we Goddesses so multi-talented?! Perhaps there’s an idea for another painting…

If you are planning on being in our Goddess Walk About
Could you please take a moment to give me a personal message shout

I have an idea I’d like to keep secret
But I’d need a little help from those who could keep it

So give me a holla, a hoot or a whisper
I’ll tell ya the plan and you’ll be in on it sister.

Hi Courtness - Janet from the Tiki Bar checking in. Michelle and I wouldn’t miss the Goddess Walk for anything!! Let us know how we can help.

Yeah! I got Sunday off, Now I just need to get part of the day on Saturday covered so I don’t arrive in TP at 4 in the morning. Courtney let me know your ideas and what you want me to bring.
Beth :flower

:wave hey all,

i am new to town park but im a goddess all the way :thumbsup!!! ill be there with my sparkles aka fairy dust :flower


Here’s the rough plan - check in at Camp Get Enough for changes

Sunday 10-12 open house sash creation - stop by and create your sash, bring stuff to add to it, I’ll bring the fabric for sashes, Rhonnie has some crowns.

Sunday 3:00 - Show up for pre-walk about fun (last year the start time was three and it kept getting postponed so who knows) We will walk about the camps and eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall festivate.

The Flamingo Goddesses will once again concoct and provide the Holy Goddess Juice…although giftings of rums, flavored vodkas, and juices will be accepted… they could be brought to the morning sash-shaying.

It looks like Zeb’s trike will be mended and ready to roll with the punch again!!!