Go see this show:

Fleet Foxes
With Frank Fairfield opening.

It’s gonna cost ya about 20 bucks per ticket but… wow. Worth it.
If you cant make the show… I suggest checking the band out.


You’re not the boss of me. :rolleyes

Good call, Josh. I love Fleet Foxes. I saw them in July at the Hi-Dive in Denver. Even in a sold-out, loud, packed-in crowd they nailed their incredible 4-part vocal harmonies. Sooo good. Their debut CD is one of my favorite releases of the year.

Brian’s response was much more in depth…I was just kidding.

I wanted to go to this show, but it wasn’t in the cards.

…you’re still not the boss of me, though. :wink:

I’m gonna pick this CD up today. Hungry for something new to listen to…
Dustin your funny… :flower