Gluten Free Food in Telluride?

My friend has been much happier since she went gluten free, but Google isn’t helping me much on any restaurants that are gluten free. Perhaps somebody here knows of some.

Not sure about the restaurant scene but there is a grocery store with gluten free food.

221 s. oak
Cocina de Luz
Butcher and the Baker
The Llama

Bringing your own is an option. I’ve just finished baking gluten free Banana Nut Bread, Macadamia Nut Date Bread and Coconut Macaroons ! Hope we don’t eat them all before we get there. Stop by the Tiki Bar for a sample, See ya all soon !


We are bringing a full kitchen to cook most of our meals, but sometimes you end up in town and hungry so it’s nice to know some options.

I’m sure we’ll have some type of gluten free bread as well, but Banana Nut Bread is always good!

Yeah for Gluten Free. I was a little worried about the food situation since I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. The thought of all the good festival food I can no longer eat, my poor husband having to slave away cooking all our meals now. He will be thrilled with the GF restaurants in town. Gary, save me a piece of Bannana bread, please. see ya soon
Beth :flower

…as for fare at the fest itself … flank steak, sweet potato fries, and the rice bowls (chicken, pork, and veggie … sans the sauce) are all gluten- (and sugar-) free choices. I’m sure there are others (corn on the cob and turkey legs come to mind right off the bat). Not to worry, you won’t go hungry.



Oh Gary I would LOVE to try your Mac nut date bread and a macaroon! I’ll bring you some quiche, but I think it might have gluten in the crust.