Glass allowed at Lawson Hill?

Hi All. Do you know if glass bottles are allowed at the Lawson Hill campground? Also do the shuttles run from the Lawson Hill campground to the High School campground? and about how far is it?

Nick :burn

Don’t know about the glass, but I imagine you can have it in the campground.

The shuttle from Lawson will make a few stops. The first is at the high school/grocery store (they’re right next to each other). Next, it will stop at Elk’s Park where they hold the workshops. Then it’s on to the main stage. You can get on or off at any of these stops.

Yes, glass is allowed. Sugar doesn’t know that? Man o man…

Here’s the link to the campground rules:

I know you can have it in Town Park, but I know nothing of Lawson, having never camped there.

So have been drinking Tequila ouT of plastic bottles all these years? :pirate