Did I hear or read someplace that Ginger was good for altitude issues?

I think you may be right.
Do a google for “altitude sickness” or “altitude adjustment” and you’ll find all kinds of articles. :flower

Its great for nausea, but I never heard altitude sickness. Let me know what you find out.

Ginkgo is supposed to be effective, here is a link to an article regarding that fact…

Ginkgo & Altitude Sickness

I start taking it two weeks before going up the Mountain, It helps but the
usual signs of altitude sickness may also be confused with normal Festivationess… :wave

Oh, almost forgot
Ginko Biloba does interact with certain prescription medicine so check before taking it!

Are you trying to tell me that last year it wasn’t altitude sickness, it was a hangover? :cheers

Ginger definitely helps my car sickness, but I have no clue about altitude sickness.

Ginger is great for seasickness.
During cold and flu season I drink a Lot (32oz daily) of
fresh brewed ginger tea (boiled ginger root) with lemon
and lime juice.
For elevation - hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
And for the 100th time!
Altitude will also reduce your tolerance for alcohol - a Lot.

"Drink water too. "

That got a laugh out loud!

Real water, not just the water that’s in beer :lol I hardly follow my own advise but make sure you are drinking at least one glass of water to at least every two to three beers. Water in mixed drinks doesn’t count either. Nor does the ice in your mixed drink. :cheers :hooch

In the words of Pastor Mustard, “Drink a water, drink a beer, drink a water, drink a beer”…
…but I think Walkers way is more realistic. :wink:

In the words of my fellow campmates and dear friends, “If you drink Vodka with emergen-C or club soda that counts as hydration and vitamins!”

…I love you guys!

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