Giggly Sprout for Pres

How long do you have to wait???
I’ve got broadband, but it never seems to load. :huh

It loaded wuickly for me but you have to start it yourself

got this email today from living floklore

We are sorry to announce that Channel 3 has taken the video off of their server, it was crashing from so many hits. However, we were able to have news 3 release two photos from the story. We’ll keep you posted as this phenomenon develops.

the link worked for me
very cool, it lets u type in anyone’s name for pres
and the giggly sprout magic happens :flower

I’d rather see this one voted in. :wink:

I’d vote for Tom in a heartbeat. Giggly Sprout has always creeped me out a bit.

As my grandma always said, “You can trust a man wearing a straw top hat just as long as he is not standing too close to your bacon.”