Getting nervous~anxious :)

Hello folks!

Well, I may have mentioned this is my wife & I’s first trip to telluride, and it’s shaping up to be quite the occasion! Starts on my birthday :cheers, summer solstice w/ the full moon & all…
we have almost every ticket we need, minus one… free place to stay at Muscatel flats.

I’ve been going over lots of the posts/threads regarding ‘what to pack/bring’ etc… the only day we plan on staying put alll day at the festival would be saturday, the rest of the days we’ll catch some sets, but we really hope to walk around & take it all in.

Regarding tarps… which scares the hell out of me, I know people are willing to share if possible etc,… but I just watched this video:
the guy walks in with a video camera recording, which makes me wonder how relaxed it is.

Do people stake these tarps down? I’m still not sure if we’re going to try & get some land ‘claimed’ or not, but if we do, I want to do it right :smiley:

Any suggestions?

Occasionally they’ll let people video tape the running of the tarps as long as you don’t leave the camera in for the shows. If they do see anyone trying to video tape a show they will confiscate it.

Most people don’t stake down their tarps, but they will stake down their sun shades. You just need to use short (6 inch) stakes so as not to damage the sprinkler system. :cheers

thanks for the input, I never really counted on taking my camera, festival settings are always questionable. we’ve ran cameras at yonder shows since 2001, always on contract w/ management, easily 3 dozen shows or more.
As I said fests are usually out of their hands, but I’m hoping they’ll allow us to take them into the nightgrass shows… we’ll see. redlight management has been good to us :smiley:

I’m still not sure if we’ll do the tarp thing, the one thing i’m afraid of is NOT having a spot to hang out, this festival seems like it will be nicer than any of the ones we’ve been to in years past.
Again, I don’t have any expectations for this, it really just fell together.
Next year we’ll try to do some camping, seems like the community really pulls in at the campgrounds, makes me sort of sad I won’t be a part of that this year.

Anyhow, enough ramblings… bring on the Sam Bush!

Good luck with your continued efforts for that ticket Patrick, Laura and I will keep our fingers crossed. you can always share our tarp space!! :cheers

Try to stay with the just falling together thing and have faith. You will find your spot and groove.

very cool geoff & laura! good seeing you guys online :slight_smile:
been awhile since we came to the cincy area, life keeps us pretty busy.

when are you guys hitting town again? we’re flying in monday evening & catching a ride from grand junction w/ my brother. Hopefully the festivities will be pre-arranged, perhaps we can all sit a spell when you arrive :slight_smile:


where’s the best place in town to start hunting down the best local beer?

Smugglers Brewpub! :cheers

We’re not getting in, unfortunately, till Wednesday afternoon, so we’ll have to do a quick acclimation to the elevation, set up camp, then up to Mnt. Village for the Yonder show that night. I’m sure we’ll find one another sometime Thursday. I pm’d my cell phone number to you, let me know if you need it again.