General Questions about High Elevation and your health

I’ve been looking online for something about how high elevation effects Asthma. I have found very little on the subject and would like to know more. Does anyone know anything more? If you have Asthma and have had good expierences with elevation, or bad, please let me know. :wink:

According to The Institute for Altitude Medicine it shouldn’t affect you very much. :flower

Hi there. I have asthma (albeit a mild case) and have never found the higher altitude to be a problem. If you have exertion induced asthma then you may feel it when walking uphill. That’s the only time I feel it.

Alltiude and Booze … Not Good !

so why do I keep Drinking ???
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I have pretty severe asthma and do just fine at altitude. I actually think I do better up there since the air is so clean. As it is I live at 7,000’ and my lungs have never been so happy as they were the day we moved to Flagstaff. In Phoenix I lived on about 7 different drugs and could never breath or do anything.

But if you are worried about dying of an asthma attack at 9,000’ in Telluride and you scored a Town Park camping pass, I’ll be happy to save your life and take it off your hands…

Thank you all for your input. Sorry I didn’t specify, but it is accually my Mr. Manbeast that has asthma not myself. We went last year and he seemed more energetic than I have ever seen him in our three years together. It was probably the wonderful people we meet and the paradise like music, but it’s nice to know that I do not have to fret over the loss of his usual weezing.

I certainly felt the effects of the altitude as well, full of euphoric and dizzy spells. However, I think that had a little more to do with the “ambiance” if you know what I mean. :wink: