[FTP]: Yonder Mountain String Band, TBF, 6/23/07

at tapers.org l/p: ftp4all


Yonder Mountain String band
34th Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Town Park, Telluride, Colorado
Saturday, 6/23/07

Source: Neumann KM84i>Bumblebee 20’>SD 722 @24/48
Transfer: 722>Goldwave>Flac @ 16/44.1
Recordist: John R

** Please DO NOT Reseed In ANY Lossy Format **

Disc 1

  1. East Nashville Easter
  2. Cathc A Criminal
  3. Left Me In A Hole
  4. Fine Excuses
  5. Fingerprint #
  6. Damned If The Right One Didn’t Go Wrong
  7. Southbound
  8. Rain Still Falls *
  9. Mother’s Only Son *

Disc 2

  1. Belle Parker *

  2. King Ebeneezer>Peace Of Mind>Follow Me Down To The Riverside>Peace Of Mind *

  3. Used To Call Me Baby

Jeff Austin: Mandolin
Ben Kaufman: Bass
Dave Johnston: Banjo
Adam Aijala: Guitar

Futureman: Cojon

Thanks a bunch on this one!!! :thumbsup SPLITLIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Ok…so now wheres the show. Only thing w/ a date close to this is the 2006-07-23fm_flac.16 show. I think i’m either going blind…or you’re just toying w/ us :wink:

last listing on drive 1. right below last year’s fm.

I’m not finding it either. And I’ve been looking all day.

sorry you guys don’t see it. it’s being D/L as i type. here’s a screen shot of it i just took. it’s the last file in drive 1



Your looking in DRIVE 2 you need to look at the YMSB in DRIVE 1, it’s their, I’m downloading it as I write this.

yeah, i d/l’d it fine the other day. sounds great, too. thanks for all these shows john!

I couldn’t get it to come up in SmartFTP at all…that or the T Rice n Allison set…but if I went to it via the web browser I was able to copy and paste the link to Smart FTP and i got it going… thanks again for the UP John! :thumbsup Wierd…that even when in the folder after copy n pasting it…if I went up a level to the Drive 1 folder it wasn’t there at all again…