[FTP]: Sparrow Quartet, TBF, 6/24/07

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Abigail Washburn w/The Sparrow Quartet
34th Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Telluride, Colorado
Sunday, 6/24/07

Source: Neumann KM84i>Bumblebee 20’> SD 722 @24/48
Transfer: 722>Goldwave>Flac @16/44.1
Recordist: John R

** Please DO NOT Reseed In ANY Lossy Format **

  1. His Eyes On The Sparrow
  2. Sometimes
  3. Red And Blazing
    • Tibetan Folk Song
  4. Rock A Bye Dixie
  5. Workin’ On A Building
  6. We Are Happy under The Cause We’ve Got A Job
  7. Bury Me With My Car
  8. Everybody Does It Now
  9. Keys To The Kingdom
  10. Song Of The Travelling Daughter
  11. Coffee’s Cold


Hi, there! Thanks so much for this. Great performance, great recording, enjoying it right now.

I revised the set list - found some of the missing songs and combined two so they matched up with your tracking.

  1. His Eye Is on the Sparrow > Sometimes
  2. Red and Blazing
  3. Chinese Folk Song
  4. Rockabye Dixie
  5. Workin’ on a Building
  6. Eve Stole the Apple
  7. Santa Anna’s Retreat / Kitchen Gal
  8. We Are Happy under the Sun because We’ve Got a Job
  9. Bury Me with My Car
  10. Everybody Does It Now
  11. Keys to the Kingdom
  12. Song of the Traveling Daughter
  13. Coffee’s Cold


thanks for the fill-ins dwayne. i changed the tracking abd the setlist.