[FTP]: Rowan-Rice Quartet, Springfest, 3/25/07

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any setlist help would be appreciated
some pics and a link to more in the southeast section in the springfest thread

Peter Rowan, Tony Rice and Friends
Vassar’s Bluegrass Set
Springfest, Main Stage
Spirit of The Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL
Sunday, 3/25/07

Source: ADK-TL>722 @ 24/48
Transfer: 722>firewire>goldwave>flac
Recordist: John R

 ** Recorded in a taper friendly environment **

*** Please DO NOT Redistribute in a Lossy Format ***

  1. Goodbye Old Pal
  2. Pig In a Pen
  3. Jimmy Brown the Newsboy
  4. Trespasses
  5. Sitting Alone In The Moonlight *
  6. I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome
  7. Friend of the Devil @

Peter Rowan: Vocals, Guitar, mondolin
Tony Rice: Guitar
Sharon Gilchrist: Vocals, Mandolin
Catherine Popper: Vocals, Bass
Shawn Camp: Vocals, Violin
Verlon Thompson: Vocals, Guitar
Mike Bubb: Bass
Tania Elizabeth: violin
Joe Craven: violin
??: banjo

*: Jim Lauderdale, Vocal, guitar
@: David Gans-guitar, Vocal, Josh Pinkham-mandolin