[FTP]: Leftover Salmon, TBF, 6/24/07

at tapers.org l/p: ftp4all


Leftover Salmon
34th Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Telluride Colorado
Sunday 6/24/07

Source: Neumann KM84i>Bumblebee 20’>SD 722 @24/48
Transfer: 722>Goldwave>Flac @16/44.1
Recordist: John R

** Please DO NOT Reseed In ANY Lossy Format **

  1. Ants In My Pants

  2. Gold Hill Line

  3. The Whispering Water *

  4. Carnival Time *

  5. Applachain Soul *

  6. The Other Side *&

  7. Dance On Your Head *%

  8. Muddy Water Home *#

  9. Unplug That Telephone *#

  10. Breakin’ Through *&#^

  11. Euphoria *#^@

  12. Down IN the Hollow *%#^@

Drew Emmitt: Mandolin, Vocals
Vince Herman: Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Sipe: Drums
Greg Garrison: Bass
Noam Pickelny: Banjo

  • Sam Bush, Mandolin
    & John Cowan, Vocal
    % Jeff Coffin, Horns

Andy Hall, Dobro

^ Tyler Grant, Guitar
@ Jeff Austin, Mandolin, Vocal

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Next year I need to make a more concerted effort to not only meet more forum festivarians (I was a little overwhelmed this year :slight_smile: ) But to find you and the rest of the tapers and provide some beers (or killer steak sandwiches or wine in a sippy cup - whatever floats your boat) and cookies.

Anyway - Thank you and I would love to help out folks who can’t download w/ some CD burns (is that kosher?) so lemme know if there is anything I can do to help the cause!

Did I say Thanks yet?? :flower

:cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers

You are my hero.

LoS High Sierra set up on bittorrent:


LOVE the tapers!.. :cheers

Hmmm. That show seems to have disappeared.

The levels were really low anyway.

Keeping an eye out for that show and a few of the ‘missing’ Telluride Nightgrass sets. Will post anything I find.

That show was probably pulled as have been a least 100 by tapers who are in dispute with etree mods over a bit of protocol and the ensuing flame war raging right now. check on LMA or dimeadozen for the moved torrents.

Wow that is quite a flame war.

Bummer about the removed torrents.

I don’t get where all the LoS sets are, two from High Sierra and one from All Good.

I do realize I’m just a leeching beggar, but still.


btw Salmonheads, the All Good set should be available for purchase soon here:


Same with High Sierra main stage set, you can purchase through High Sierra.

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