[FTP]: Leftover Salmon, TBF, 6/20/08

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Leftover Salmon
35th Telluride Bluegrass Fstival
Town Park, Telluride
Friday, 6/20/08

Source: KM84i>Bumblebee Silver>722 @ 24/48
Transfer: 722>PC>Goldwave>Flac
Recordist: John R

*** Recorded in a taper friendly environment ***
** DO NOT Reseed In Any Lossy Format **

  1. Reuben’s Train

  2. Carnival Time

  3. Midnight Blues #

  4. Shucking the Corn * #

  5. Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie *

  6. Down In The Hollow *

  7. Railroad Highway *

  8. Breakin’ Through *

  9. Euphoria

  10. Everything’s Round

  11. Valley of the Full Moon

  12. Tu N’as Pas Aller

  13. Just Keep Walkin’

  14. Bend In The River

  15. Ask The Fish %

Vince Herman - acoustic guitar, washboard, vocals
Drew Emmitt - mandolin, fiddle, electric guitar, vocals
Noam Pikelny - 5-string banjo
Bill McKay - keyboards, vocals
Greg Garrison - bass
Jeff Sipe - drums

(*) with Sam Bush
(#) with Robby McCoury-banjo, Jason Carter-fiddle, Ronny McCoury-mandolin, Del McCoury-guitar, vocals on Midnight Blue
(%) with Tyler Grant - guitar, Eli Emmitt - drums

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anyone else having a hard time finding this in drive 1? I know I just woke up n all, but I’ve looked at the list a few times now and I’m not seeing it.


best set of the weekend IMO

THANK YOU :medal


Most definitely!

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I can’t see it either, or Ryan Adams

I would try closing out of your FTP client and reopening it and re-entering the address/password info. This has happened to me before and doing what I just mentioned fixed the problem.

Thanks for the insight there Matt n Becky…worked like a charm! :cheers

actually, i don’t think it had moved over yet by the time you had checked.

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