[FTP]: Chris Thile/How to Grow a Band, TBF, 6/22/07

at: tapers.org l/p: ftp4all


Chris Thile and the How To Grow a Band
34th Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Town Park, Telluride,Colorado
Friday, 6/22/07

Source: KM84i>Bumblebee 20’>722>MR-1(DSD)
Transfer: MR-1>Audiogate(44.1 convert)>Peak>xACT
Recordist; D Hami

** Please DO NOT Reseed In ANY Lossy Format **

  1. intro
  2. Watch’at Breakdown
  3. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
  4. How To Grow A Woman From The Ground
  5. The Beekeeper
  6. Brakeman’s Blues
  7. Stay Away
  8. Song For A Young Queen
  9. Heart In A Cage
  10. Blind Leading The Blind (1st movement)
  11. Ophelia
  12. The Eleventh Reel (Crystal’s Magic Bunny Ride)
  13. Wayside (Back In Time)
  14. E - Morning Bell > Watch’at Breakdown

Chris Thile - Mandolin
Noam Pikelny - Banjo
Gabe Witcher - Fiddle
Bryan Sutton - Guitar
Greg Garrison - Bass


Ahhh, I can’t find the folder up on Tapers.org! What did you call it or am I just being an idiot?



this happened to me earlier for the thile show, and happened to some others for shows posted last week – i’m not sure why this happens, but just keep checking: i found it listed eventually.

sorry guys, i neglected to put the folder name in the listing. it’s included in there now Thile2007-06-22.flac16

it’s on drive one.


I was wondering where I could find some recordings of this year’s TBF, and decided this forum would be a good place to look…holy moley your FTP site is a GOLD MINE!!! Thanks so, so much for taking the time to record & upload all of these sets (and TONS of other stuff too). I already grabbed How To Grow A Band, Bela & Chick, and now I’m grabbing the Fleck Trio from '05, and will probably be downloading stuff all weekend…the only problem will be finding enough time to listen to it all! My ISP is going to hate me.

Really, thanks…it is VERY much appreciated.