Free Rice

Started on October 7th, Free Rice is a word game where you match a word with it’s description. For every right match you donate (via sponsors) 10 grains of rice to the UN World food program.

How much fun was that! Thanks JohnR. When I saw “Free Rice” I thought there was a Tony Rice show up for grabs! :lol Thanks for helping us give back! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

P.S. - open book ok! Grab your dictionary and help a good cause!

I LOVE this game!! And no open book, that’s cheating!!!

I’ve donated 2560 grains of rice in 24 hours with no dictionary. I want to get above a 44 on vocab, but alas…

geez this thing is addictive… You must be really smart Garian, I can only get up to level 42. And I 'm not looking at the dictionary - yet. :wink: :wink:

Are you still looking for me?

The FAQ says 50 is the highest level of vocab but that no one ever gets above 48. I want to get to 48!!!

What a geek, huh?

hi :wave

:wave in the spirit of free rice:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

HI or Hi can mean:

* An informal way to say hello.
* Hi (magazine), an Arab-English language magazine.
* (AAR reporting marks HI)
* Hindi language (ISO 639-1, 'hi)
* Hi (kana), the Japanese characters ひ and ヒ pronounced as IPA: [çi].
* H I (note the space), an astronomical spectral line
* Hi Records, a record label
* "HI" can also be an acronym or abbreviation:
      o Humorous Interpretation, a National Forensics League category(ies)
      o Hawaii (United States postal abbreviation)
      o Holiday Inn hotels
      o Hormonal imprinting
      o Hostelling International
      o Hydrogen iodide, an ionic diatomic compound which can be dissolved in water to form hydroiodic acid

See also:

* High

or, it could be the shortform of ‘bump’

the game is challenging, also good for the vocabulary, however I was pretty scepticle that the “free rice” would actualy materialize?? then I found this in my inbox this morning. :thumbsup

Way Cool!

Thanks… itsRick! HEY! EVERYBODY! IT’s REALLY RICK!!!

I heard the story behind this web site on NPR the other day and it was very smilar to the email that itsRick received. The one thing that stood out was that it was developed as an easy way for kids to study for the vocabulary section of the SAT and at the same time contribute to a very good cause…so get on there to enhance your vocabulary skills and feed those in need.


holiday rice.

day after paula abdul lip sync rice.


more rice than a costco limit

tony rice~! :evil

Oh my Gosh. I am addicted. I have been playing this game for over 2 hours now. A great way to spend a saturday afternoon at work. I am up to 9200 grains of rice. There was a word on there that my sister used to use when she was about 12, sesquepedalian, She used to say at the dinner table “I’m a sesquepedalian.” Which means a person who uses long words. OK, we are a whole family of nerds. I had to call her and tell her about this site she will love it. OK back to the game. :lol

Tony Rice on Guitar without vocals?

Silent Rice

Condoleza Rice is nice, but I prefer A-Roni *

  • not a statement of my own…song lyrics! I wonder if ANYONE on this forum might know who’s lyrics those are???

Unbelievably addicting. I didn’t realize what a nerd I am. What’s obvious to others is always news to the one, right?

Thanks for the link John!