No more Free Box Fashion Show. :frowning: This was in today’s Daily Planet:

Free Box closing

[i]Toss away that used printer. Put away your used clothes and books.

The Free Box is closing.

Citing budget pressures and continuing opposition from angry neighbors, the Town Council, in a bitter and divided session, voted 4-3 to close the Free Box once and for all.

“The Free Box was never free,” said Town Council member Bob Saunders. “It cost $50,000 a year. I donated $1,000 to keep it moving, but we’re still tens of thousands short.

“Rather than cut any more staff jobs or get rid of any more essential programs, I think we have to say goodbye to the Free Box.”[/i]

Here is the article in it’s entirety: FREE BOX CLOSING

But at least we’ll get a cappuccino stand in it’s place!! :clap


The end of Telluride!

Steamboat will have to haul their own couches to Town Park this year…

What a bummer. This was such a Telluride (and Festival) tradition. Of course we could start our own 9-day long free box in Town Park, but who’d donate the couches?

That’s a bummer. I usually get all my underwear for the festival from the Free Box.


Do you have any idea how many trees I save every year by using recycled underwear???

:lol :lol :lol :lol

could this be an April Fools?

…'cuz it sure looks like some of the other stories at TDP are!


How on earth could a glorified shelf cost 50k to maintain every year?

…and what councilman/ councilwoman on earth donates $1,000 to keep something going?

Something smells fishy here…

Haha that article reminds me of something out of the Onion. I think it’s an April Fools’ joke! :slight_smile:

Oh no!!! That’s a catastrophe! I love that free box!

Ok folks, goofy guys and gals, this is a joke and I am not fallin for it. Hotdogs :festivarian How much to run a free box, yeah, right, geeeezzz :lol

It’s an April Fool’s Day thing. Remember what they wrote last year about the condos in the valley floor? :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol
good one Jen.

But the…But the…newspaper link thing? Ya got me, Dang I’m getting old! Wouldn’t have fallen for that 6 months ago!
:thumbsup :cheers :thumbsup :cheers :thumbsup :cheers :thumbsup :cheers