Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen are the...

…FUTURE! (well, maybe the NOW).

Just listened to the Grammy nominated “Cold Spell”. I haven’t listened to the other records nominated yet but I think Frank has a great chance of bringing home the award.

His Telluride set was awesome and can’t wait to see him at RG (and hopefully get into Academy for mandolin with him).

 Great band!  I've been a fan for a few years now.  Mike Munford is probably one of the most underrated banjo players currently touring.  That Frank sure can sing, though!  Son!!! :cheers

At last year’s Midwinter Bluegrass Festival, after jamming for hours myself, I came dragging back to my room at like 2am-ish, and they were standing outside my door in the hotel jamming. It was pretty awesome.

Mandolin Cafe has an interview/in-depth profile on Frank here:


Saw them late night @ the Moon at Telluride last year and they give new meaning to the description of ‘deep space psychedelic faster than shit crazy ass bluegrass rockin’ fusion jammin’ - whatever that means. They’re THE SHIT!

ON FIRE!!! What’s a girl to say. All of em just smoking hot right now. :medal