Four Corners is dead; long live Four Corners....

After attending the 4 Corners Fest for the 10th time, I have to say it’s not the festival it used to be.

The late night stage was canceled this year, with no advance notice. Late night shows have always been a highlight, and this year there were none. And not a word about it from the promoters (in advance or during the festival). I felt shorted - especially since the website continued to say late night “performances to be announced” right up until we left for Pagosa.

On another note, event security at 4 Corners was completely out of control this year. I guess they had some problems earlier this summer with their Indie Fest, but the totally amateur security folks took it out on the 4 Corners crowd. Due to the over-zealous security folks micro-managing my festival experience, I can’t recommend this festival any longer.

And no, I wasn’t busted doing anything wrong. They were just too “in your face” at every turn. One security guy was even going around to all the tarps on the field and folding up empty chairs, and they were all low-back chairs! Who are these people? I’m not sure, but you might recall that when someone put a peace-sign wreath on their house last Christmas, their homeowners association tried to fine them $250/day for have a political sign up in violation of their covenants. But that’s Pagosa for ya. A bit too right-wing for my tastes.

I’ll probably be looking for something else to do next year over Labor Day. Just my two cents…

I am sorry that you did not have a good time. We did not experience any of the things that you described except we are in agreement with the late-night-show-no-announcement of cancellation complaint.
I love this festival because it is so laid back. There was a sell out for Sat. and it is true that the promoter are not as experienced as the Planet by any means, but we were able to keep our tarp under a tree and if we were not occupying seats then they should have gone to others (seats under the tent).
We danced and enjoyed the late night camp jams, total fun for us… oh yes, and the HOT SPRINGS! Makes it ALL worth while! Teresa

Bevin’s just trying to make me feel better for not going. :lol

Thanks, buddy. :cheers

Uhhh, then don’t go to Wakarusa either. :wink:

Auntie Hope :pickin

Aw Bevin, it was still a great time…at least for those of us who did not get drunk, become lost in the woods at night, then fall and break a few toes.

You can see photos (including Duktape Man) at my new photosite:

Man, if that was a “dead” year, I can’t wait for the revival! Our little troop had one of the best times ever. Of course Hooch brought a Telluride’s worth of hooch so that probably had something to do with it. Thought the music, vibe, mountain biking and mud were fantabulous. Oh well, I’ve always been easily amused.

CSI Mike

You mean that wasn’t part of the deal? I had a great time but I was camped by Mama Book and the gang. Lots of pickin goin on there, all day and night. :band Stringdusters, Badly bent boyz, Hot strings; and then the camp with the chili lights–oh-my–I was there when the fun police came at 3a.m. and “suggested” we get some sleep or at least quiet down so others could.
the security gomers were a bit heavy-handed though. Maybe the sulphur makes their brains soft. :arghßß I just think they were jealous and needed a few white russians to take the edge off!
:woohoo :woohoo :budumdum