Women’s keens. Please email me to identify color, size, ect. I found them in a porta potty just before 8 Sunday night.

Dang~ I can’t think of one reason one might take their shoes off or
Not wear ones shoes in the Porta Potti!

haha. they were actually brand new and still in a box. i guess they bought them there.

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I would guess that the person who lost them has contacted the Planet asking if they showed up in Lost and Found. If you haven’t already contacted them, you should.

I am happy to see you making an attempt to find the owner. :cheers

i wish someone had done that with my RockyGrass Sweatshirt a few years ago.


I did contact them and left my name and number. I actually work at the store who was selling them there for Keen so I found out the 3 possible people it could be but of course there are a million of them in the white pages for colorado. I just hope they weren’t to drunk to remember they bought them…

I lost patagonia pants in Telluride and they never turned up

Yeah! My shoes!!! You are so sweet! Thank you so much! They are red, size 8 1/2 and I must have left them in the porta potty close to backstage. (ooops!)

Thanks for being so cool and please email me so we can work out the deets! And thanks to Jen at Planet Bluegrass for helping me look for them Sunday night!


The good karma continues. :flower
This is why I love the Planet Bluegrass events. :cheers

Very Nice Ju Ju !!!
what a Blessed family we have
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Shelley -

Just emailed your husband - he had sent me a message that I got in my reg. email before I checked the forum this morning.

I’m glad that I found the owner!! I’ll send you an email with my contact and all that fun stuff now :cheers