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I see that I have now graduated from Newbie to Small Member. Did some one post the infamous naked photo from Ships 'n Dip with out my permission.

Paul? did you just sell yourself short? :eek

Hope Lin :pickin

Doh! That’s a knee slapper…What a crack up this gang is…


What the is that supposed to be anyway??

Don’t worry Paul, you’ll be a “Regular Picker” in no time! :lol

I can’t wait until my days as being rated as a Small Member are over.
It’s embarrasing.
I’m going to post and post and post until my Small Member upgrades.

and really just how long do I have to be a newbie?
:festival :sunshine

huh…heh…huh…heh…heh heh heh…huh…heh…

small member

so what am I gonna be? a chubby member? :lol


LuAnna, you’ll always be the 2nd most beautiful woman in the world to me. :wink:


OMG, the next rating up from newbie is small member?? :frowning: I think I’ll go away at 49 posts and register under another name :rolleyes

Why don’t you guys go out and rent fast and fancy cars until you reach the next level of membership? :jester :lol :lol

Hope Lin :pickin

I’ve tried that, I think Dustin keeps upping the number of posts it takes to lose the Small Member rating. :slight_smile:

You’re getting close Paul… it’s 70! :thumbsup



your next.

ok I lied? :rolleyes :drive

check previous post, I have Donkey’s for rent, and or Buy. strike that, FAST AND FANCY DONKEYS :thumbsup

“fluffing” to remove “small member status”