For those new to Railroad Earth...

… :wave Hello!

I just want to say how excited I am to have one of the most incredible current touring bands back to Telluride Bluegrass!!! I can’t say enough about this band and I can’t wait to see everyone freaking out and enjoying the music these boys are making. If you haven’t heard much of them and would like to get a sample check out the Live music archive at The 3 night NYE '08 run is particularly good

See y’all in a couple of months!

Ya I discovered these guys on ITunes and have wanted to see them live for forever. I thought that Amen Corner was a real weak record, at least compared to their other stuff but based on setlists ive seen they are not taking a hard turn in that direction…but im sure they are incredable live.

I have been following these guys for years…One of the reasons I decided to brave my first festival this year! :thumbsup

Hopefully they’ll get a better slot than 2004…I think they were the like the 3rd act out of the gate on Thursday that year.

A 'lil nightgrass show would be nice too.

I’m thinkin’ a nightgrass will definitely happen. I just hope it’s at the Sheridan. Saw them there in Jan 06 and they had that place rockin’! Now they’re playing even better. I’m stoked they are comin’ back to Telluride.

those sheridan jan 06 shows were amazing! i really hope they do get a nightgrass this year. their hsmf latenights have become the stuff of legends. lets have em do it in everyone’s favorites box canyon!!!

They are best live; Amen Corner took a few listens for many to “get it”. The songs are really good, just a bit more laid back and subtle. I found myself singing those songs in my sleep after a few listens. I am hoping for “Forecast” @ Telluride myself.

But archive has lots of great shows in 2008. I think the Thanksgiving run, and there some great shows from Portland in June.

Been to 5 Tellurides. I said I wouldn’t go back until Railroad Earth was invited back. This will be number 6

This is true. I heard it. :lol

Welcome back. :cheers

Well you could have done it in a year where Rockygrass’ lineup wasn’t so damn awesome. :lol
I only have some much vacation time… well it looks like I can take some unpaid time off.

For those who are crazy about RRE you can do: Mountain Jam, Delfest, Wakarusa and then Telluride. Wish I could spend my summer traveling, but I am looking very much towards have a beer at Smuggler’s again.

once you “get” Amen Corner, you really can’t stop listening to it. Really a great album.

Fair Enough I Will Give it another listen