For People Attending Solo

I’m traveling solo and was hoping to meet up with others at TBF also traveling solo. :cheers

i am going solo as well. I have a Sunday ticket and Mary E camping. I’m flying into Denver and taking a train to Grand Junction then a bus/shuttle to Telluride. And I am a TBF virgin. Have you been, I am seeing me having no trouble getting a ticket at the gate, what do think. A Great adventure awaits. What is your plan? Kevin


I signed up to volunteer this week and still looking for camping. I’m driving from KY. I’m also a newbie and have no idea what to expect!


Hey y’all!
Read through the Town Park virgin thread. There’s a lot of info in there, not all specific to TP. There’s also a couple threads about Illium with good info. There will be a message/bulletin board at the Box Office by the Post Office where folks will post extra tickets once the festival week gets underway.
Good Luck

In the past it has always been easy to find daily tickets and 4 day passes on site. There might not be as many this year due to the layoff and lineup, but there will be some. It’s a weird year so a little harder to predict, but if want a ticket you will find it. The key is to just be diligent. Your best bet is to get there as early as possible and put a note with your phone number on the bulletin board by the box office listing the specific tickets you are looking for. There will also be people listing tickets for sale. And just keep an eye on the forum because as it gets closer people will end up with extras the won’t be using for various reasons.

Do you know or have any idea where your job will be as a volunteer?

Hi Bethany.
I’m traveling solo, and am a volunteer as well! Would love to meet up with you. Although the volunteer jobs aren’t scheduled yet, I’ll most likely be working at the box office, since that’s what I’ve done at other Planet Bluegrass events.

Right now I’m camping at Lawson Hill, but I have been desperately trying to score Town Park or Warner Field camping passes instead!

Hi Bethany!

I am traveling solo this year as well. The last time I attended the fest was 10 years ago, and I was by myself. I was apprehensive as I had never been before, but I found everyone to be unbelievably friendly and welcoming. Out of the many fests I have attended this was by far the easiest one to meet and make new friends. If you can, I highly suggest arriving early to enjoy some of the pre-fest activities. That is a great way to meet folks before the music kicks off!

If there’s anything I can do let me know, and I’ll be happy to meet up–always ready to make a new fest friend!


I’m a solo traveler who is volunteering and a newbie at that. I’m getting in on Saturday to experience as much as possible and I’m staying at Mary E campground.


That’s reassuring! Thank you for sharing your experience!

I have no idea where I’ll be volunteering, which makes me a little nervous about here I should look for camping! Are you volunteering too?

we should have a solo traveler (and I’m a newbie) mixer/meet up! I am one, too, traveling from Boulder.

Anyone else new camping at Lawson? I saw someone had Mary I camping and wanted to trade for Lawson - is one closer/better than the other?

Hoping to arrive Tues or Wed…

Lawson is closer, you could easily ride a bike into town on the semi flat paved trail from lawson. Mary E is further away, and requires the shuttle, but also ridable via MTN bike trail, but thats about an hour ride. Mary E is on the river, and has trees. Lawson is a sports field with no shade. The Brewery is next door though. Both Lawson and Mary have shuttles running all day and till around 2am.

I’m down for a solo traveler meetup (not to be confused with a singles meet up)! And I’m staying at Lawson as well.

Looks like I’ll be in the same boat as well. Would love to meet up with others. Also, any advice on if I should wing it on camping or best way to find a place to crash last minute? I’ve had luck in the past but had others with me and stayed with folks in town. Thanks!!


Volunteers should be able to log into the PB’s volunteer portal and see their shifts and gig location, especially if working before the festival starts:

Good luck and thanks for volunteering!



Suggesting that Wednesday early evening could be a good time for a “INDIE MEET UP” (aka solo travlers who are cool). Maybe we can all rendezvous at a Bar in town at around 730 to say hey…Last Dollar Saloon is a suggestion…

Hi Kevin! When are you getting to Junction? That is where I live. I am heading down Wednesday about 11 if you need a ride!

I love the “indie” meet up idea! My first shift is Wednesday 6-12 though. My shifts are doing parking at TP. I am camping at Lawson. Hoping I don’t have a hard time finding a spot and getting all of my gear in from my car. It’s not a huge set-up like some festival folks, but I’d love to be able to go set my sunshade up (to share of course!) since there is no shade at Lawson. Maybe somebody will be cool and let me borrow a wagon?? :flower
Anyway, my name is Katie and would love to meet you all. It’s so great to know how many ppl are flying solo! :thumbsup

I’m at Lawson, too. Will be there wed afternoon.

feel free to text me at 303-801-7848.