For Grateful Dead Fans

Read this AM that Tom Wolfe has passed away.

I purchased an 8-track recorder in 1971. I taped my own 8-tracks.

Early in 1973, I purchased my new portable cassette recorder and mic.

I’m a punk-kid-turned-hippie from NJ. NYC area. I went to RFK Stadium 45 years ago, June 9/10, 1973.

RFK was my 1st time taping GD. I used crappy tape stock. Idiotic rookie mistake. My bad. Cheapo.

My RFK tapes have many 100s of playbacks. Crappy car cassette decks. Tapes in glove box for 35 yrs.

Froze in glove box -15° to -25° F, lots of times. Baked at 125° F or more, 1000 times, at least. Reel 1 pic.

Mic was elevated, dfc/fob, both days. Prototype Wall of Sound dialed in perfectly.

Dick Latvala’s notes for gd73-06-09. Ginned up taper’s deposition. Best sound I ever heard!

GD 73-06-10 setlist goes 281 minutes & 37 seconds. GD’s longest show. Total running time.

I was tripping. gd73-06-09.fob in 24/96. gd73-06-10.fob in 24/96. Double-dosed.

Jerry played at Culpeper-Warrenton on June 8, 1973, Lake Whippoorwill stage.

Phil in sun hat” on 6/9. Jer wears same unique t-shirt both days. “Modal Spectacle” on 6/10.

That’s what I love about Jerry. He never changed. Incredible individual. Thank you, man.

As you get your mic to the BEST location in the house, your ears hear it too. I was lucky, but it’s true. Amazing sound, best I ever heard, by far.

Not to mention, tickets cost just $7 each day