Hey y’all!
Opinions please. What’s your favorite food sold at the festival?

I’m a virgin and beside myself with excitement!!


It’s all really good. From traditional fair/festy foods to gourmet festy foods. Plus you can always slip downtown to any number of Telluride establishments and find anything your looking for except don’t expect taco bell or mcdonalds type foods.
Don’t remember the vendor, but had some awesome gyros. And The Mexican food place on main street is amazing!

Fish Tacos are good, dumplings are good. I don’t remember having anything that I didn’t like.


The Dumplings are a MUST!!! The double dipped corn dogs are great. The ice cream form the Boulder ice cream place is AMAZING! Their “Wake Up” could almost be coincided a “drink of the god’s”. :cheers…Damnit,now I’m hungry… :lol

A Greek Salad almost every day for lunch. YUM! The best!

My favorite is the veggie taco from Snappa. Delicious and a great deal. Sisters dumplings are a MUST. Probably once a day. Also, the dahl from the curry place is very good.

Maggie’s crepes are an excellent breakfast treat. :thumbsup

Sisters Dumplings, Curry from Curry stand, Greek salad, and veggie tacos!

Depends on time of day…
Those cursed carnie corndogs with the halapenos are usually the last thing they have for sale at the end of the night and are the most delicious when you’re exhausted./inebriated/stowned ect… Or just hungry and indecisive.

I’ve always been partial to the best corn dogs that Johnny Cash ever ate.

The dumplings as everyone says. The nachos are pretty fab too. There is a delicious ice cream stand that really hits the spot when it’s hot.

I also really, really like the cookies from Baked In Telluride…it’s just near the entrance and it’s definitely my “ go to” for that late afternoon pick me up after the combined Nightgrass/ festival energy sag hits me and I have another long night ahead.

Seriously, it’s all good…

If we’re talking about outside the Festival… that list could get crazy. I must agree with you AUFan BIT cookies are a spot hitter… oh and so HAPPY to see they brought Taco Del Gnar in town!

Those corndogs are also the best “deal”, IMO … and is one of the few “food” items I will buy. Will also go for a brat, but mostly avoid the food … since I normally try to eat reasonably healthy and simply don’t have any semblance of a general “euphoric recall” that’s tethered to food @ TBF.

I’ll also make the trip to BIT for a slice + doughnut / dosant / cookie … since it saves a few bucks & I normally like their pizza better than the festival za.

Sisters: watch the cashier closely, him and the sisters are probably the most efficient people in the whole food court … there’s often a long line, but it always moves quickly.

Well to be honest…the best food is in Camp Run-a-muck! Watch out for the marinara sauce though! :pirate

You will not be disappointed with any of the food choices…remember, you’ll be drinking at altitude. I usually let the festival gods pick for me and head for the shortest line. :cheers

The chicken booth does a fantastic breakfast chicken sandwich. Seriously. Chicken for breakfast. I love it!

Chicken’s pretty nice for the tarp run too! :pirate

That chicken sandy is so good!!