Food vendors?

Hi! We get to be there next weekend!! :cheers
I am curious how the vendor situation is going inside the fest. I’m assuming there is some kind of food inside the fest. Do we have to stay in the corral and food and beer comes to us or are we able to go get it ourselves now? I can’t wait to get on the road! Thanks for the info :flower


Vendors limited to food. You’ll visit the vendor to order and get your food. This year’s vendors include:

Sisters Pantry (insane dumplings)
Corn dog/Ice Cream/Fries
Greek Food

Safe travels!

Not the best zoom, but you can kind of see …

Doesn’t look like there are any non-food vendors.

Man, nice job on the vids. Always wondered what the sound/view was like up there.

Thanks for all the info! :thumbsup

Definitely not the same as being there, but happy to share here’s a couple more blury zoomed in clips from my cell phone:

:thumbsup Great vids, FoM! Appreciate the share. :medal