food planning/prep tips?

Looks like there’s not much activity on this forum these days, but I’ll give it a shot… Very excited for my first Rockygrass and Rockygrass Academy. Just wondering if folks had some good food planning tips; I’ll mostly be fending for myself so I don’t want to spend too much extra money going to restaurants alone. Was planning to just bring along a 2-burner Coleman stove and a cooler.

Mostly just looking for suggestions because it’d be nice to break out of my usual camping pattern of eating too many sausage wraps and PBJ sandwiches, and to make some contact with some folks before showing up at camp.

Welcome, RwwL - yer in for a treat!
During Academy, there’s a provided BBQ on Monday and Thursday nights, so you’ve only gotta figure out M - T - W. They also have a breakfast burritos for sale.

During Festival, there’s lots of yummy, well-priced vendors - Sisters Dumplings, a Greek food stand, BBQ, Burgers, Pizza etc…

I personally don’t cook there, and always manage very nicely by eating simple things out of the cooler (yogurt, cheese/crackers, sandwiches), go into town a couple times, and enjoy the vendors.

Happy Festivating!

Cool, thanks much!

Welcome and get ready for a great week! Academy is as good as it gets. I can’t disagree with Ann Pete, at all. Snacks, fruit, maybe sandwich stuff. If you want to make all your food you can, but there is a lot of good stuff available.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Always happy to help. What you in academy to do? I’m signed up for novice fiddle.

Thanks for adding to the info, Pat! I’m signed up for the advanced guitar program. Getting more excited by the day.

Hi folks,
first time poster, will be my fourth RG.
This year I have a camping pass for the festival so I was considering camping during the Academy then thru the festival. I’m driving from St. Louis and can bring what I need. My questions are around basic site setup. I walked around the campground to jam last year and took note of the seemingly planned chaos of the individual sites, especially relative to one another.

I’m just one guy. I was planning on putting up a 10x10 popup with sides and sleeping in that (that’s all I currently own). Would I be taking up too much room? If so, any suggestions would be welcome.

In addition, I read the new line/lottery news and I’m curious as to what happens when people actually enter the campground. What does a good site look like/consist of? Since I’m not necessarily ganging up with anyone, should that enter into my placement decision?

Thanks for any help anyone is willing to offer. Since my first RG, I can’t get enough of the festivals. I just went to Hartford fest in Bean Blossom. Great Stuff, but still pining for CO and Planetbluegrass.